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The Gurus of Porn

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20th September 2008

my_happy_places10:58pm: Whoops!
Hey, did anyone else notice the website that's the main link for this community doesn't go anywhere anymore?
Current Mood: shocked

16th September 2008

my_happy_places6:45pm: a point of identification
When I first got into porn there were a number of stars I got hooked on pretty quick. Like Stephanie Rage, for example, who as near as I can tell dropped off the face of the planet entirely within a year of my learning about her.

Pity, she was really fucking hot.

I've got two pics here, only cloaked in de evil LJ·cut as this is going to more than one place, and I was hoping you might be able to tell me who one of the women in them is.

I know the brunette is Madison...which helps give you a timeframeCollapse )
Current Mood: hopeful

17th April 2007

my_happy_places11:03am: stop...in the name of lust
4:32 AM 4/17/07 · There are generally two things I'm not particularly fond of when I'm watching porn. Other than the type I prefer, which is both hetero and gonzo, I not a big fan of anal sex; it starts up and I usually go around it or switch to a different scene. Also none too fond of watchig the cumshot, probably both because I don't tend to orgasm myself from sex and I don't like the idea it presents that sex ends when the man cums.

Do you have any odd porn habits?
Current Mood: awake

6th August 2005

blahblahblat6:29pm: new to all this
i just got started with psg, fucking hilarious.

i clicked everyones link, and so posted my own. so hook a brother up....


19th May 2005

catiekat5:06pm: Is anybody else having problems with PSG? I'm about to kill somebody I'm so frustrated!

9th March 2005

clemsontigre5:03am: a great deal to another great site
This is my first time posting!!! i have something cool to show yall. I know i love pornstarguru and although this is a little off topic, i think its a fun addition to my computer. Im just a college kid trying to continue getting his own porn for cheap. Im not going to lie, this can benefit me a little, but I found a cool way for you to get something good for real cheap. Are you familiar with VIRTUAGIRL2 (www.virtuagirl2.com)? its a really cool animated stripper thing. Basicly, a bunch of extremely hot women, including many porn stars dance on your screen. I pay to be a member of the site and really do thoroughly enjoy it. You can go the website and get a free version that has a few really fucking hot girls, but they dont get totally naked. The cost for a subscription to the website is $25/month, which is definatley kind of steep if you arent sure if its worth it. I think it is, but thats just me. I found a way to get around it. If you go to this link: http://clicks.toteme.com/?s=27386&p=4&pp=1 you can sign up for a week long trial of a different website which includes FULL ACCESS to virtuagirl 2. So, basicly, you can pay only like $8 to get the week trial for the one great site, plus download all of the virtuagirl animations for free. Then, you dont need to bother paying for a full subscription. Im not going to lie, I do get about $0.50 if you do this, and Im not really looking to get paid, im just trying to hook some people up while lowering my own personal subscription cost. I would love your support, and trust me, virtuagirl 2 is worth it for 8 bucks alone

13th January 2005

catiekat8:42pm: Yay, I'm so glad I found this super awesome community! I'm just getting into Porn Star Guru, anybody else new?

Please click on my link: http://www.pornstarguru.com/p/505818/2.html

I'll click on all of your's once my computer stops being a suck-ass.

2nd November 2004

hollysucks10:02pm: help me, i'll help you <3


29th October 2004

bigchested4:39pm: hey! i just joined. i've had a psg account for awhile but never did anything with it.
now i'm back and i want to actually play around with it.
i've gone thru and clicked on most all of ya'lls links.. show the love?

http://www.pornstarguru.com/p/405415/1.html <3<3<3

28th August 2004

sebastiancock6:31pm: can someone help me out?
I once saw pics of Tiffany Mynx getting a golden shower? Does anyone know where to find these?
Current Mood: curious

27th April 2004

supergreg9:55pm: I don't sponsor much but I have 2 say that Hooter Shack is da Numba 1 !! -super greg (me)

http://www.hootershack.com - Hooter Shack Free Quality XXX Links to Exclusive Hardcore Pictures and Video

28th March 2004

childishdreams6:36pm: I'm brand new to this community and new to pornstarguru.com as well. That site is quite addictive.


4th September 2003

dbhwrestler038:17pm: hey
come on ppl, i need help here. im only making 2 bucks an hour, no lie


ive been clickin on everyone else who posts their site here, help me out as well

1st September 2003

jsmusic8:11pm: "future porn star" - "wanna make out" - and more...
There are some new products in one of my cafepress shops that some of you may be interested in. Check them out if you want.

Current Mood: accomplished

26th August 2003

dbhwrestler0312:51pm: help
i really need help on PSG, i barely have any money and i wawnna be a guru
please help me by clickin on my link, ive been clickin on everyone elses


25th August 2003

jsmusic12:34pm: i'm the creator. click me. stds?
I'm the creator of this FINE community. Indeed.

You should show your love most maximumly by clicking my linkage: http://www.pornstarguru.com/page.php?x=268277&m=4

Also, what does everyone think of the new stuff in the game? And, does anyoen know what good researching the STDs does?
Current Mood: horny

21st August 2003

dbhwrestler0312:26pm: help

i need help, if uc lick in mine ill click on yours
ld19853:28am: Click Me Please http://www.pornstarguru.com/page.php?x=303592&m=1

18th August 2003

rasberryrush12:35am: http://www.pornstarguru.com/page.php?x=342357&m=3

me too please. :)

i'll click yours in return.

17th August 2003

jacire5:07pm: I have a question. Does getting a better rank like fluffer or camera operator give you more money than a lacky? or is it just a name.
Current Mood: curious
jacire3:55am: Hey everyone Click on my link I am doin the same for all of you. How long has this community been around not to many people in here.
Current Mood: cheerful

1st August 2003

amazon_vampyre12:25am: Hey! It's cool to see a PSG community here. I'd be most delighted if ya'll could click on my link...I'll click yours back :o) Sweet.
Current Mood: okay

23rd June 2003

jsmusic9:49pm: Welcome.
Welcome to pornstarguru! Please join and post. Indeed.
Current Mood: accomplished
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