Matty Jack (clemsontigre) wrote in pornstarguru,
Matty Jack

a great deal to another great site

This is my first time posting!!! i have something cool to show yall. I know i love pornstarguru and although this is a little off topic, i think its a fun addition to my computer. Im just a college kid trying to continue getting his own porn for cheap. Im not going to lie, this can benefit me a little, but I found a cool way for you to get something good for real cheap. Are you familiar with VIRTUAGIRL2 ( its a really cool animated stripper thing. Basicly, a bunch of extremely hot women, including many porn stars dance on your screen. I pay to be a member of the site and really do thoroughly enjoy it. You can go the website and get a free version that has a few really fucking hot girls, but they dont get totally naked. The cost for a subscription to the website is $25/month, which is definatley kind of steep if you arent sure if its worth it. I think it is, but thats just me. I found a way to get around it. If you go to this link: you can sign up for a week long trial of a different website which includes FULL ACCESS to virtuagirl 2. So, basicly, you can pay only like $8 to get the week trial for the one great site, plus download all of the virtuagirl animations for free. Then, you dont need to bother paying for a full subscription. Im not going to lie, I do get about $0.50 if you do this, and Im not really looking to get paid, im just trying to hook some people up while lowering my own personal subscription cost. I would love your support, and trust me, virtuagirl 2 is worth it for 8 bucks alone
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